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Best Hospital Management Software (HMS), ERP system for Hospital Management Solution in Bangladesh

Quality Hospital Management Software

The Hospital Management System (HMS) is an integrated software that handles different directions of hospital procedures. It manages the smooth health care as well as the administrative, medical, legal and financial control.  Echosoft, one of the  best software development company in Bangladesh This ERP system is a cornerstone for the successful operation of the healthcare facility.

  • Billing & Invoicing features
  • Perfect for all type of businesses
  • Easy, simple Accounting & Inventory software
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Administrative Module

The Hospital Super Admin Management module provides you with the ultimate management system. As an administrator, you can create accounts that separately identify and provide responsibilities for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, accountants, lab assistants, receptionists, agents, and administrators. No one can access another account in this system, but the administrator can access all accountsWith the management module you can protect your data 100% and ensure the secrecy of your activities
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OPD Management

A complete OPD management system has been integrated into our hospital management project. We make sure that you can use all types of automation systems for proper OPD management, such as:
  • planning system
  • Date Management System
  • Recipe Management System
  • OPD billing
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IPD Management

In our hospital management system, you can efficiently manage the IPD feature and capture all important data on a single platform. You will receive the system for patient registration under a unique ID number. Patient data Date of admission, name, name of doctor, bed information, consultant, surgeon, OT, laboratory bill, payment details. Everything will automatically be sent under this ID number. Recorded. You get the following option for best IPD management
  • Patient Registration
  • Bed Management
  • Investigation Report
  • Medical records management
  • Pharmacy, OT and laboratory bills
  • Discharge management
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Activity Management

We have created a menu of hospital activities for all the activities of a hospital. You will receive a death and birth report, an operations report, a lab review report, a drug category, a new drug and total activity management capability in this module. Included in this system are: –
  • Data reservation
  • Patient Case Study
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Reporting system
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HRM Module

As a service provider agency, hospitals are largely dependent on their service providers. Personnel management is the critical task of the hospital manager. We manage your workforce through an organized personnel management system. You can create a specific ID for each employee based on their details, view and deliver information about their job at any time, and ensure the best management.
  • Medical management system
  • Nurse management
  • Labratorian profile management
  • Managing the employee profile
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Lab & Pharmacy Management

While the test is delivered to the reception or prescribed by the doctors upon request, it is automatically sent to the laboratory. The lab technician will feed the result later and print appealing reports. In addition, we ensure the pharmacy management system.
  • Laboratory management
  • Pharmacies administration
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HIS Module

Focus on the hospital information system on the administrative needs of a hospital. We have the program to assemble all three key management levels: government, territorial and patient support levels, and to ensure the flow of information between them through SMS, messaging and e-mail.
  • SMS Module
  • Message Module
  • E-mail Module
  • Noticeboard
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Doctor Modules

In a hospital, the doctor is the key person to ensure a healthy patient care. A hospital management system gives the doctor access to all the important functions that belong to him. As a result, he / she can manage the patient portal, scheduling and management, prescription, and all other related hospital activities.  
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Accountants Modules

The accountants are responsible for controlling the cash flow and income statement. Since patients are considered main earners, this module has access to the patient portal. In addition to the Accountant module, you also have the option of creating an access account, such as a debit or credit account, based on effort and earnings, employee name, and payroll.   
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Laboratorist Modules

Laboratorist module was developed to manage all activities of a laboratory. The administrator can create different departments based on different laboratory areas such as pathology, X-ray, etc. The administrator can also configure the lab resource person as a labrotorist, as he / she can manage all activities smoothly.   
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Nurse Modules

This is the special module to manage all activities that are relevant to the role of the nurse in the hospital. Like all other administrators, the administrator can create an area for the nurse, assign a role to all relevant functions required for a nurse, and assign the person as a nurse to manage all IPD work that a nurse performs.   
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Pharmacist Modules

This is important for hospitals that have an internal pharmacy or pharmacy business. The pharmacist can manage all activities related to daily activities, financial activities, buy – sell, annual or balance sheet, profit loss, etc    
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Receptionist Modules

There are also two different modules for receptionists and representatives. The Reception Module is used to maintain the appointment, assign beds, etc. A representative feature is the maintenance of the hospital’s marketing / marketing activities    
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Patient Portal

Patient portal is for the patient or external user of the hospital. It is one of the most important features in our project. When a patient / person creates an account on the website or orders a receptionist / doctor, he / she receives a unique patient ID and a seat in the system. Thus, all information about this patient is automatically stored and transferred throughout the system by giving or receiving value to or from the hospital.  

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