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Top Company Management CRM Software

EchoSoft  Company Management CRM Software, The features you want, the simplicity you need! Beautifully designed for best user interface and user experience. The software that works for your company! Grow with affordable, scalable enterprise software. Find innovative ways to manage customer data, communicate with customers, know your business cash flow, determine net worth, send invoices to customers – easily with a click-to-send reminder, payment confirmations, and integrated online with payment gateways.

Features of Company Management CRM

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Dynamic Dashboard:

  • Total Net Worth
  • Total Cash Flow
  • Purchase Total
  • Total Invoice Paid
  • Total Companies
  • Income & Expense Total
  • Sales Daily/ Monthly Chart
  • Alert Calender
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Customer Management

  • Add New Customer
  • All Customer List
  • All Companies List
  • Customer Group Setup
  • Office Files Setup
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Company Accounting

  • Add New Deposit
  • Add New Expense
  • Money Transfer Adding
  • Add Billing
  • All Billing List
  • View Transactions
  • Uncleared Transactions
  • Manage Accounts
  • New Account
  • Company Assets
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Sales Management

  • All Invoice List
  • Add New Invoice
  • POS Modules
  • All Recurring Invoices
  • Add Recurring Invoices
  • All Quotations List
  • Add New Quotations
  • Payment Details
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Purchase & Supplier

  • Add Suppliers
  • Suppliers List]
  • Import Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders
  • New Purchases
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SMS Module

  • Send Single SMS
  • Send Single SMS
  • All SMS List
  • SMS Setting
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Leads & Order

  • All Leads
  • Add New Leads
  • Print Leads List
  • List All Orders
  • Add New Orders
  • Order Summery
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Products & Services

  • All Product List
  • Add New Products
  • Product Inventory
  • All Services list
  • Add New Services
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HRM Module

  • All Employee List
  • Add New Employee
  • Employee Attendance
  • Payroll Management
  • Generate Payroll
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Especial Modules

  • Office Documents List
  • Add New Documents
  • Office Tasks Managements
  • Project Progress Modules
  • Company Monthly Calender
  • Make Meeting / Appointments
  • Password Manager
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Report Management

  • All Transactions Reports
  • All Invoice Reports
  • Account Statements
  • All Purchase Reports
  • Income Audit Reports
  • Expense Audit Reports
  • Income Vs Expense
  • Day-Wise Reports
  • All Income Reports
  • All Expense Reports
  • Total Sales Reports
  • Invoice Vs Expense
  • Export All Reports

Company Management CRM Software Pricing

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Free Software Domain
Single Company - 3 User
Customer Login: No
Monthly Service Charge: 1000 Tk.
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Free Software Domain
Single Company - 08 User
Customer Login: Yes
Monthly Service Charge: 2000 Tk.
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Free Software Domain
2 Company - 20 User
Customer Login: Yes
Monthly Service Charge: 3500 Tk.
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